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‘Clips & Q&As’ is a collection of feature stories, interviews and commentary from my 40-plus-year career in daily newspapers and magazines.

Journalism was very good to me. I was lucky to meet and/or interview thousands of everyday Americans and scores of the 20th century’s smartest and most newsworthy people — Timothy Leary, Christopher Hitchens, Charles Bukowski, William F. Buckley Jr., Jane Jacobs, Milton Friedman, plus celebrities like Tommy Lasorda, Jimmy Stewart, Peter Falk and Chris Rock.

Past articles about ‘LA in the ‘80s,’ movie location pieces and Q&As will be exhumed and republished in a timely fashion on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with background info where relevant. You’ll also find random travel stories, libertarian op-ed columns and book reviews.

In addition to the occasional new post, I plan to serialize Dogging Steinbeck, my 2013 literary expose/road book about how John Steinbeck heavily fictionalized his iconic “nonfiction” book Travels With Charley.

I’ll also pull excerpts from 30 Days a Black Man, my footnote-free history book that retells the amazing story of a daring, nation-shocking and all-but forgotten undercover journalism mission into the 1948 Jim Crow South by a white star Pittsburgh newspaperman who pretended to be black.

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In 1980, when I was a child of 33 and in L.A., I had several encounters with Charles Bukowski. My account of one of his famously raucous poetry readings was my first feature for the L.A. Times Sunday Calendar section.

My career as a newspaper journalist and free-lancer started in 1973 at the weekly Mt. Washington Press in Cincinnati and included stints with the Los Angeles Times in the 1980s, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in the 1990s and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in the 2000s. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, my work has appeared in dozens of major American papers and in magazines as disparate as Reason, Family Circle and Penthouse.

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